How to customize side menu?

Hello guyz,

I am trying to customize my sidemenu ionic v1 app,
Whenever I activate my SideMenu it shifts the main screen out of scope .
Is there any way that I could bring it over the main screen without the main screen shifting but just turning fade or a little dark?

I don’t think this feature is available out of box in v1 but it is in v2. You can check this code pen for alternative solution in v1

@Knitesh thank you but the sidemenu do not work in this codepen
I am actually looking for sidemenu to work normal its just the when it comes out it pushes the main screen out of scope
… I want the main screen to remain there and instead just turn dark or out of focus.

Hi @2909sanjay
android style side menu

In native Android, side menu does not shift main content, side menu comes over main content, I think this is what you want.

@thaker Thank you …
Is it applicable for ionic1 as well?

codepen slide menu works., don’t try to click on hamburger menu, try to use left to right gesture to slide it out, you may have to write your own code to handle hamburger click event

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Thats what I am talking about
Thank you @Knitesh