How to create togglable footer menu?

There are no built in controls for this, and I can’t find examples on how to achieve this.

I am afraid of cross-browser issues and a “hacked” solution which works but is just poor.
And I also have not a lot of time for building and testing a control like this. Everything else UI related I need is covered by examples from Ionic docs, and I only needed to make some trivial changes.

How would you suggest me to implement this? Is there something I can use as base or should I just think of a different way to provide menu in my app?

I want a solution like this because it will be shown above a map layer. I want the map layer to be visible all the time, and the main menu - only when user drags it open.


I also would love to see an ios like settings panel as you descrebed.

Hello you could do that?