How would I create a bottom "slide-up" menu?


I’m new to Angular and Ionic, but not JavaScript.

I want to create a slide-up menu, like the the kind you see in Google Maps, where you have the main map taking up most of the screen, and the name of the place you’ve searched for at the bottom, then you tap and slide up this bottom panel which reveals more information about the place.

Another example is seen here:

The google map example is a nice one, as it seems it can have several stopping points - one half-way, one with a sliver of map showing at the top, and one all the way up.

Could anyone point me the right way to start investigating how I would start building my own directive for this? I know Ionic has the Side Menu - maybe this would be a good place to start?

As I said, I’m new to Angular and Ionic, but not afraid to get my hands dirty!

Many thanks,

I’m looking for something similar to this for ios. Have you gotten any help with it?

I’d like to do the same thing, but with content instead of buttons like the ActionSheet directive. Similar to Car2Go’s app. You ever figure this out?