Possible to create a second layer to a side menu?

I have a side menu with options for navigation, I want to click a button within the menu that brings up a second layer to the side menu (without closing it.) The second layer doesn’t need to navigate anywhere, just need to be able to toggle the options on the second layer (they’ll be selecting the options from the side menu that they want on the home screen.) Is there any way to do this? I was thinking maybe tabs within the side menu, not sure if that’s possible though. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!

As a user, I would find this an unintuitive and confusing UX. Side menus are for taking actions, not toggling options. I would instead have a preferences page consisting of a bunch of toggles here.

It’s not really toggling options, it’s essentially pinning the items from the side menu to the home screen. So all the options are the same, it’s just putting a checkmark next to it and then saving whether or not it is checked.

Bad design or not, do you know if it’s possible, or how it could be done?