How to create infinitescroll and ionrefresh together


how to create infinitescroll and ionrefresh together together displaying twitter feeds. especially using please i will really be glad with your help


You add ion-infinite-scroll and ion-refresher like you normally would, they work fine together. But here is a tutorial if you need it:


While you can put ion-refresh and ion-infinite-scroll together, at least to me, it results in a painful user experience. By definition you use infinite-scroll when you expect a large list. With a large list, you generally land up with aggressive swipes of the finger and each time you do that towards the top, the refresh kicks in as well.

It got so painful after a while that I actually had to disable it. To keep it consistent, since all my other screens have a pull to refresh, I kept a dummy refresh that would display the following message if you did a pull to refresh (mostly by mistake because you were actually scrolling up on a long list)

While this adds to duplication, it avoided the almost always inadvertent refresh


thank you brandy. problem fixed.


yeah that is true but will the refresh icon above perform the dorefresh function or just reload the entire page?


It calls the doRefresh function in my implementation which is the same function I call from ion-refresh in other pages.