Reverse Pull to Refresh: Push to Refresh

How to realize a reversed ionRefresher (pull to refresh) so that when the content is overscrolled at the bottom, the refresh is triggered?
Thanks for help!

It is called the ion-infinite-scroll

yeah but the initial purpose of ion-infinite-scroll is to implement something like lazy loading, but indeed you can use this to trigger a function that reloads the entries instead of load more.

But all in all the user will not expect that this happens… i would avoid that.
If you need a possibility to refresh the list from every point the list -> add a refresh button in the header or subheader bar.

I don’t know if it’s really unintuitive for the user.
The feature would be implemented on a WhatsApp-like chat page. But I don’t know when there are new messages on my server. So I want to have a refresh feature for the user.
As the newest messages are always at the bottom, I think it’s alright to overscroll the content at the bottom to refresh.
ionInifinteScroll does not have the same behavior as ionRefresher and thus not fully fits my needs.

hm okay, but if you build something like a chat i recommend you to implement something like websockets for that (like nodejs

or a more easy way to reload, like a big button -> so the user have not to swipe or scroll.
You could add a button like in the gmail-app with the new material-design

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