How to convert amr to mp3


I’m recording an audio file with Córdoba-plugin-media and sent to a back-end Java, but I can not play on the website, so I want to convert it to MP3.
Looking across this post Record audio, compress / convert and upload but do not understand how to implement this solution.

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to give some guidance.

You can read this tutorial which introduces two method to help you convert amr to mp3 format. One is using the free online audio converter but there are some limitations. Another is to use a professional amr to mp3 converter to convert all your incompatible audio files.

This is an old method. There are tons of free online converters now. I do not recommend using shady ones that you can usually find in search results. I recommend using Converter365 since it is the most professional one I found so far and used. You can find it here.
The converters that you need to download always slow down your device and they are annoying…