How to connect Angular with WordPress?

I have a mobile app that I am constructing with Ionic Framework, I’ve been researching trough the web trying to get any tutorial which give me the answer to my question: how can I connect my app with WordPress?

all I see is questions like this

I don’t want/need to touch anything in the WordPress part, unless I need any plugin or something, all I need is to display the posts of WordPress account in my mobile app main view, so, is there any tutorial you can show me which goes straight to the point? do you have any example?

My app is running with Angular, so I need to do everything with it.

I saw this tutorial but he is doing it with something named Freshly-Pressed, how can I do it but with my own WP ?

you need to extend your wordpress to get an API.


would be awesome if you provide a guide or example on how to post on your mobile app the posts you made in WP

Read the documentation:

find the correct api-action like get_posts and use it :wink:

Hi @Maketroli,
Use WP-API ( plugin in wordpress.
API Usage document is available at

You’ll definitely want to use the WP-API, along with an ajax call inside of a controller or service. I made a tutorial here that has some sample code:

This guy’s is just trying to sell you on reactor, there is a few choices that require elbow grease research and a little know how. Just Google and have fun, if you want a paid solution with limited build choices reactor is not bad at all, and quick and easy, it’s all about how far in it your looking to get, personally I feel reactor is good for people who just wanna get it out there quick and not really care about the over all look and feel, just a cookie cutter solution.

For the integration of Angular into the headless WordPress, there are two ways.
The first is by the installation of WordPress directly in the Angular application.
The second one is installing WordPress outside of the application and then integration via an Application Programming Interface or API.