Ionic get post fron wordpress

Hi guys!
Anybody know, how can i get the post from wordpress? My idea is make a list of posts from worpress (as backend).
Thx for everything!!!

I would start here to get a REST API integrated and then use $http or ngResource


Hi rojasa19. I am making an app with wordpress. I use this plugin to get a rest api
I want to post the code in github when I finished my app. If you want I can clean a little bit my code and send it to you.


Hi @martostef,
Thx so much for your answord.
I could do it, but now i have a problem with the post.content.
Im using ng-bind-html but it is not work. Do you have the same problem ? (Ill be apreciate so much you help with this problem).

Here’s how I use it:


You don’t have to use {{ }}

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Thx so much again!
I tryed it and i recived the same error:
"Error: [$sanitize:badparse] <!–


i like work ionic with wordpress too
can you send me this code?
thank you

Hi @blackwhite!
I don´t have this code now, bue i recomend u$resource
if you have any question, let me know!


Hi rojasa,
i think you have code for that.
I don’t know about code :frowning:

This is what you need

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