How to check ionic app on android devices

I am new to ionic framework.Now I am trying to check my app in android device.I take build (ionic cordova buid android).It was success.But how can I check the app in android device?

Connect your device to your computer and run ionic cordova run android.
Alternatively there is an apk file in the output folder in platforms/android now that you can copy over to your device manually.

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in addition to @Sujan12, before running ionic commands and after connecting the device turn on the developers mode in settings and select usd debugging.

After the app is installed in your phone. You can inspect it by vsiting chrome://inspect/#devices on chrome browser

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@arnoldparge Can I inspect on chrome visiting chrome://inspect/#devices, without installing the app on the device?(ie After ionic run cordova command)

ionic cordova run android will install the app on your device.

Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Chrome dev tools: