How to capture the report and print/mail it


Here is the transaction report of the customer, now i want to capture complete report of the customer
and send it as email or print it. In the picture, when you click on the send email button in the footer,
the report as to be captured and display as body in the email screen or it can be added
as attachment(in some format). Is there any way of doing it.Please do help
Thank you!

To share via email, I would use the Cordova Email Composer plugin, see (an alternative is which has an email feature that seems to be fairly similar)

Using that plugin you can pass html to the email app for the message, as well as set the to address and the subject. I believe you can also use that plugin to attach a file, so you could generate a file and save it on the device using, and then pass the file location to attach it if you preferred that for some reason.

Remember, with Android you’re limited in which HTML tags you can use in a message (see but that’s probably okay because not all email clients are capable displaying complex html and css anyway afaik.