Issue with attaching file to EmailComposer Android


Hello Everyone,

I am having some issues getting a file that is on the device storage to attach to an email. I am using the same plugin that Nick Raboy used in his tutorial

The Cordova plugin is: jcjee EmailComposer

I can successfully get the email window to pop up and fill in the To, Subject, Body, etc… but the attach meant well never attaches.

The file path for my file is: file:///storage/emulated/0/KryptoApp/documents/Series%202%20Integrated%20Chain%20912.pdf

(d.nativeURL) returns the above path.

I have tried trimming the file path down being since I have seen other examples online but I have still not had any success.

$scope.sendEmail = function(d) {
        if(window.plugins && window.plugins.emailComposer) {
            window.plugins.emailComposer.showEmailComposerWithCallback(function(result) {
                console.log("Email Success");

Thank you for any help!


Unfortunately was not able to add the document into the email but found a way to generate a link to the document and added that to the body.