Send pdf file as attachment

I’m creating a pdf file by using pdfMake. After creating it, I want to send it as a mail attachment. How can I do this? I’m having the path of the file as I download this file into the phone storage of android as well as iphone.

Are you using any plugin to send emails?

I use this one:
It’s simple and well documented.

There is an example on how configure the email and send attachments:

$cordovaEmailComposer.isAvailable().then(function() {
   // is available
 }, function () {
   // not available

  var email = {
    to: '',
    cc: '',
    bcc: ['', ''],
    attachments: [
    subject: 'Cordova Icons',
    body: 'How are you? Nice greetings from Leipzig',
    isHtml: true

 $, function () {
   // user cancelled email

Thanks for the reply but I don’t want to use the native email composer plugin. I want to send the email from backend.