How to bring in theme based transparent background?

I m really impressed with the following UI… How to bring a theme based background like the following? Should I use material design? How should I have a theme which should apply to all components in the app? @leob, @bengtler, @coreelements

Yup that looks gorgeous … how you do that? Be very good at CSS and at visual design.

Find a web design artist and/or a CSS wizard and you can have this UI, even when there’s nothing special about the rest of your app. And then Ionic gives you the tools (namely, SASS) to apply this theme/design to all of its components.

It’s not really related to Material Design as far as I can see. My impression is the contrary, Material Design (unless applied very skillfully) tends to make everything look the same, it’s a very “dominant” style.

the fading of color from top to down is what is attracting us…

It’s called “CSS background gradients”.

No magic there.


Like leob said this is a simle css gradient. We used this for an app:

It is for hairdressers --> they can get something like an app for their studio or sutio line. ich hairdresser can change the colors of the gradient so every salon looks different in the app :smile:

To use this app you will need a valid hairdresser code, but you can take a look at the screenshots.