Automatically generated icons and splash


I would like to know if this method is obsolete for automatically generated icons and splash from the .psd file?

I remember that have an ionic command I can generate it automatically

But now I can not get any more …

Is there a quick way to automatically generate icons and splash for ios / android?

Thank you

$ionic cordova resources

Hello when I do the command on terminal it ionic that asks me questions and now it asks me mail + password ionic

[WARN] You need to be logged into your Ionic account in order to run ionic cordova resources.
_ _
Log into your Ionic account
If you don’t have one yet, create yours by running: ionic signup
? Email:

I see no relation?

And no resource is generated

Do you have an idea?


Yes you have to login using your account for the command to run

thank you,
That’s right :slight_smile: