How do I change the color of an active ionic tab?

I am trying to change the background color of an active ionic tab from white to green. I found this thread but it seems like the answer doesn’t work anymore:

Does anybody know how to do this?


Hi @MatTaNg

Just override Tabs css in the lib\ionic\css\ionic.css file OR More Specifically add background-color in the line no 4994 style
ion-tabs.tabs-color-active-positive, ion-tabs.tabs-color-active-positive, ion-tabs.tabs-color-active-positive .tab-item.activated{ }
and in line no 4999 style
ion-tabs.tabs-striped.tabs-color-active-positive, ion-tabs.tabs-striped.tabs-color-active-positive, ion-tabs.tabs-striped.tabs-color-active-positive .tab-item.activated{ }

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