How i can print image in ionic

I would like to know if anyone has managed to perform image printing on the ionic with pure structure.
I am using BluetoothSerial and I can print text, but I need to print image and qr-code.

#Ionic last version

as it supports array buffer you can use this package to convert your image base64 to arraybuffer and send it

To add on to @indraraj26’s suggestion, if you are going that route, do your best to never get anything into base64 in the first place, as it’s an inefficient format.

Thanks for help, i go try this strategy.

I understand thanks, but how do I need to print an image and bar code on a thermal blueotooth printer, I believe it is maybe the only solution, or do you have other suggestions? how i can print imagem and bar code without base64?

I install this module, but how i can import this module in ionic app.module.ts?