Ionic v2 Bluetooth Serial

Hi, I am working with Ionic v2 to develop a billing application and using the Bluetooth-Serial plugin. I was able to get all the pair devices with my phone (I get the name, id, address, etc, of each device). When I connected with some device using the mac address the process was OK (the massage of the observable print that). The problem is that the data that I send to the printer never gets printed. The printer recive the data but that’s it. I read that some of you could print data using this plugin and I expect that somebody could help me. My printer is an AGPTEK POS-58. This printer have an application for testing and works fine, so I think is the Bluetooth-Serial plugin that is not working well or I am not using it in the right way.

hi, sir do you got any solution for this issue I am stuck at same point and same I am facing same issue

No sir, I don’t have any solution. I couldn’t make it work.

Hai sir, Please help how to print QR code or image in BT thermal printer using BT serial plugin ionic 2 (OR) ionic 3.

hi dear follow the below post it will solve your problem if can’t feel free to contact me,