IONIC 3 thermal Bluetooth Printer

Hi, I’m working on a ionic 3 project which contains thermal bluetooth printer functionality.Can any body knows any solution.I’ve tried bluetooth serial plugin ,its working fine but the problem is when i test the connection some times it is not connection as well as when i printing something its follows same like connection problem even i directly give Mac address of bluetooth. Any Body knows the solution please give reply.I’m trying this from last one week.


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Is this issue resolved
I need the similar application which needs to connect a printer and print the data through bluetooth

yeah it was resolved…You can check it in Bluetooth Printer…just you need to put a alert in the ’ printer provider’ while printing.
Replace the below lines in print provider

let xyz = this.connectBT(address).subscribe(data => {
alert(‘Connection Successful’); —>this is important,otherwise connection to be lost.

      let loadings = this.loadingCtrl.create({
          content: 'Printing Please wait...'

P V Reddy.

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Hi can this works on ionic 1 framework?..if not how can i upgrade my ionic one project to 2+

where do i find the print provider file ?

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@pvreddy423 How to print image by this plugin?? i printed string but i also want to print image by bluetooth. Do you have any idea how to print image by bluetooth in ionic 2

No i dont have any idea on that.May be will work through converting base64 format.

Hi pvreddy423
when I Install the plugins " Bluetooth Serial"

i can’t find the provider, Can u tell me that how to fix it?
Thank’s a lot & happy new year

Hi @ivan5182

You can get provider from this repository.
I have download it and it is working fine. but the only thing it is printing only plain text.
Images are HTML is not supported.

@masifkhan Thank you very much