Ionic4 ion-button width

Missing something obvious here…
How do I set the width of an ion-button to a specific number.

--height: 100px; works just fine.

Maybe not exactly your question but maybe the following will do the trick, there is an option expand="full" on the button to fit the width of its container

<ion-button expand="full">Click me</ion-button>

Ya, thanks but I was trying to avoid having to put the ion-button in a container just to make it a certain width.

maybe you could then submit a PR to add a css4 variable style the nested button size, I didn’t found one

but maybe I missed it or someone has a better idea

No rush here so I am going to let it hang out there for a while. Thanks though!

I am not sure why, but --height can’t really change the ion-button height.

i put in global.scss.

ion-button {
    --height: 100px;

No effect.

I am using “@ionic/angular”: “^4.0.0”.

Any idea?

Does it work for you when you put it in a page’s .scss?

In your scss page put this :

        width : 40px;