Change buttons height


Dumb question but how can I change a button/button-bars height in ionic? I know about button-large, button-small, and all that, but I need something even smaller than button-small. I’ve tried changing height, line-height, font size, but none of them can make the buttons minimum height any smaller. Any hints on how to do this? Thank you!


Please check this link, where you can increase or decrease the button height.


Thank you! This is a huge help. However I noticed I’m unable to set a minimum height below something like 30px when I add an icon to the button. Is there any way to remove the padding? I noticed that the minimum size for an icon button remains the same regardless of the icons actual size


Please check this link I have added an icon inside the button. You need to remove the icon class from the icon and you can write your custom css for that icon.


That’s exactly what I needed, thank you so much! You’ve been a massive help