How do I make this ionic 2 template work in codepen?

I copy and pasted all the imports and head settings into a new codepen from a codepen that has a beautifully working example of a side menu and list icons, but when I swapped in my own basic template, nothing worked. I’m not sure where to go from here.

Link to the working code pen I copied from

Here is a link to my codepen

I removed everything from the first @Page decorator all the way down to the console error logs. And replaced it with a basic template

My code

 System.import('ionic-angular').then(ionic => {
  let App = ionic.App;
  let IonicApp = ionic.IonicApp;
  let Platform = ionic.Platform;
  let Page = ionic.Page;
  let NavController = ionic.NavController;
  let NavParams = ionic.NavParams;

  System.import('angular2/core').then(ng => {
    let Inject = ng.Inject;

      template: `

<ion-title>Hello World </ion-title>


   class homepage {


   }).catch(err => { console.error(err) });
  }).catch(err => { console.error(err) });

how can I make this work?

This is going to sound harsh, but:

Completely ditch everything and start from scratch. Use modern versions of ionic app starters. That syntax is ancient and it is going to be much more work to start with it than just to let it go.