How do i make a production build?

I uploaded my app in appflow. It created a build, but its vendor.js size is 4mb. I want to create a production build using command like ionic build --prod , ionic build --aot

How do i do that in appflow ?

I have the same problem!

Isn’t this a quite big “flaw”? Or am I missing something?

Our whole idea with AppFlow was to unify building and deploying the app.
Thought that a production build would be default.

After you select the commit you want to build, under ‘create new build’ you select ‘build type’. I select ‘App Store’ because that is where my app is going. That gives me a production build. Is that what you are looking for?

Ah, we usually go though Test Flight / Play Console Beta first.

So if I select Test Flight, the development build is selected?

Sorry, don’t know. I generate my iOS .ipa file via appflow, and then upload it to the store via a script that used to be Application Loader

Complete details here.

Currently for Angular apps, you’ll need to modify the build script in the package.json file to match the configuration found in angular.json.

“scripts”: {

“build”: “BUILD_ENV=${BUILD_ENV:-local} ng build --configuration=$BUILD_ENV”