How do I know which version of ionic I am using?

Hi all,

I was interested in the ionic framework beta allowing for crosswalk integration. I would now like to revert to the latest release version of Ionic and I am not entirely sure how to do this.

Any tips? :smile:


ionic -v for current version :wink:
if you want to get latest version i prefer nightly builds so refer to this post



Cheers @Endiss I am currently running version 1.3.3, is that considered the latest stable release?


Yes this is the latest stable :slight_smile:

So just to add to this.

$ ionic -v

This will print out the version of the CLI you have.

If you’re in a project, and want to know what version of ionic.js you are using, you can do this.

$ ionic info

Amoung other info (dev environment, cli version, cordova version, etc), this will also print out that project’s bower version of ionic (beta 14, nightly)