How different are ionic v1 and v2?

i want to create a hotspot application using ionic, the plugin available is…
$ ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-hotspot
the project i started coding was using ionic version 1.

will the plugin above for ionic version 2 work in ionic version oneas well?

and i noticed the plugin is supported for only android, how about ios and windows platforms? is there a plugin i can use for the other two mible O.S

Am a novice at ionic but i love the platform, please advice

You shouldnt have a problem using that plugin in Ionic 2.

Try using this documentation with Ionic 2.

@judeallblack, do you have an update? I try to work with ionic native hotspot and get wrong result for the simplest function call. Code below prints Wifi OFF on nexus 5 android phone, even though wifi is on.

Hotspot.isWifiOn().then((isOn: boolean ) => {
                if(isOn) {
                    this.success("WiFi On");
                    this.success("Wifi OFF");