Hotspot native with ionic

Hello everyone!
I am developing an app with Ionic + Capacitor and I want only to know programmatically hotspot’s state… On ionic documentation it says to add :

npm install cordova-plugin-hotspot
npm install @ionic-native/hotspot

does it adding cordova-plugin-hotspot mean add practically cordova to my app? Or is enough to include @ionic-native/hotspot ?

Thanks to all in advance!
Cheers! :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I can’t figure out what you mean here.


There was no standard for futures in JavaScript when Cordova was being initially developed, so the API for talking to Cordova plugins instead uses callbacks. The Ionic Native project was developed to bring a Promise-based API to Cordova, therefore…

@ionic-native/hotspot contains only glue code that allows you to receive Promises and Observables from the matching Cordova plugin. It won’t do anything without the actual plugin to talk to.

Hello rapropos! Thank you for your answer… eventually as you know , just to know if hotspot exists and it is on or off , is there a way to query like a native android hotspot parameter directly? Since I think somewhere in android should be stored the parameter that says if hotspot is on or off… Thanks!! Cheers! :slight_smile: