How critical is App Id Format for Android?

I have published my app to android with the

widget id=“”

not in the recommended format e.g., com.yourcompany.yourapp

is this likely to cause me problems in the future ( I have c.100 installs already)?

I can add this to the widget for ios which should make that corrected… ios-CFBundleIdentifier=“blue.corfu.corfublue”

Your app Id will have to be the same in every update, if you change it, it will be considered a new app and not just an update.

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Thank you. I will follow that but I guess although it is the incorrect format I can just continue with it and it will not loose functionality?

I have never set an id like yours, but I don’t think it will cause any functionality trouble, but it is only a guess.

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Thanks… I should have read the documentation more carefully.