How can we hide tab bar?

I’v try.but not work.

I put tab bar in a div,then use jquery hide() to the hide the div,but whole page hidden !! only nav bar show.

how can I hide the tabbar? or how to fix my problem ?

See this post:

Feature Request has been opened. Issue # 395.

so there is no way to hide tab bar?

As of now, there isn’t, but it seems to be in the works

Remember that you are still just dealing with normal html/css. Here is a pen hiding the tab bar by setting the css display property. Click the Scientific Facts button on the home tab.


Cool !!!
‘div.tabs’ is the key !
thanks !

Could you suggest an angular ‘ng-hidden’ way to do this?

– edit —

… this seems to do the trick…

 <ion-tab title="Friends" ng-if="$root.boolvar" icon="icon ion-heart" href="#/tab/friends">
    <ion-nav-view name="tab-friends"></ion-nav-view>

Strangely enough, the ng-if and hidden work for me only on ion-tabs level, not on ion-tab level.

Use case: hide some tabs, not all.