How to use has-tabs and tabs-item-hide

hi, Guys

I use ionic to build an app. It has a tabs bar.
In the tabs, we have notifications, it is a list, then, each item in notifications can be viewed in notification-detail state.
So, at notifications state, I want to show the tabs bar, in the notification-detail state, I want to hide the tabs bar.
I notice there are classes to support this usage in ionic .

To hide the tabbar but still show the content, add the tabs-item-hide class. Also, whenever you are using tabs, remember to add the has-tabs CSS class to .

Can anybody explain more about how to use * tabs-item-hide* and has-tabs.

I also have tried other ways like, it works, but the user experience is not good enough.

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Any news ? I need to hide tabs in my homepage.


This discussion covers some methods:

But like you said, there’s some performance problems