How can I share Safari URL to my Cordova/PhoneGap App (ios)?

I am searching for the last week over many websites, and I can see people with the same question, but they are mostly misundestood.

What I have: I have an iOS application that can receive URL from browsers (made with ionic/cordova)

What I want: When I am on Safari (or other browser), i want to use the button Share, and my app appear there, in the list, just like Twitter, Facebook, etc. (I put an arrow in the image below).

Like this:

And, I want this working on many iOS versions.

So, I tried to change my app-info.plist many times and nothing works.

Somebody have a solution for this? Somebody have a info.plist that do this job?

(PS: I don´t want to use URL scheme, links, etc… Its the browser SHARE)


Ok, progress…
On Xcode: File, New, Target | iOS / Application Extensions / Share Extension
Language Swift, fill the fields, Finish…
Selected the extension as target, on General, changed che Deployment Target to 8.0, Devices Universal
Now I can Archive the .ipa file and install, and the extension appear when I select share on Safari…
Will continue…

I did it, you have to create a shared extension. The post is in stackoverflow

We want to same time thing as we try to receive url from any browser on ios with our ionic app.
We wonder, after pressing share button in safari, how did you get the url with your app.
And could you share sample codes.
Thank you.

This plug in is about deeplink not url share (send and receive). Did i understand wrong ?