Ionic iOS action extension example

Hi there!

I’m trying to implement an action extension for iOS for my app (not share extension).
The action must be available only for mobile Safari, and it will be straight simple: I want to pass the url of the current page in Safari in one of my app’s page.

Anybody knows a good tutorial, or example that I can follow?


How about this?

Thanks, but this plugin uses the Share extension (unless I’m wrong):

This plugin uses a Share Extension

I can create an Action extension using Xcode, I can handle (inside the extension) the URL, but I’m trying to find a way to communicate with the Ionic App

Update: I found and now I’m trying to open my app passing the url as query string parameter, by calling a function from the javascript of the action extension
(by the way: anybody knows if is this the right way? or am I totally lost here?)