List my app on Share Pane in ios


Can anybody tell me how to list my app into share pane. like if i am on photogallery and select a photo and hit share. share pane is opening, i want to list my app here.


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As far as I know there is no easy way to include this functionality via a plugin. It seems that you have to register a custom scheme (there’s a plugin for that) and an app group. Additionally you’d have to create a share dialog natively (unfortunately I don’t know how to do this).

Some resources:

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hi…to be visible i use this, but for now i can’t import files… i’m working on it…some help will be great

in your app go to platform-ios-yourappfolder(in ios)-yourappname.plist
and add some permission like this

< key>LSRequiresIPhoneOS< /key>
< true/>
< key>UIFileSharingEnabled< /key>
< true/>

or search for similar in other library like mupdf in their .plist

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Did someone have new information about this topic?

This helped me -

Hope this serves your purpose too!

Check this out -

It partially helped me, I needed to keep these 4 lines in my -info.plist and then used cordova intent plugin -

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do we have any solution for iOS app?

I’d like to check in here as well, same question as @nbhele above. I want to be able to take a screenshot on iOS, and then when I tap the screenshot I can send it directly to a screen in my ionic app where I can display it along with some buttons, etc.