How can i send an email using private credentials from Ionic?

Hi, i’ve a question, i’m trying to implement a service to send mails with Ionic.

Actually i’m using a PHPMailer to sent an http request and send the mail, but i think this isn’t too accurate and i’d like to know the proper way to send an email with private credentials using IONIC.


What does that mean?

I have credentials from a private mailer server…

Host, Port, Password, Username, that things…

In mailer works well

Then you have to do that on the backend, otherwise each user of your app can access these credentials.

And display a local server only for the mail client? Why each user could access to these credentials?? That mailer it isn’t on the mobile.

Can i see an example?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

If you want to send the email from Ionic, you will have to include the credentials in your Ionic app. You shouldn’t do that.
The email should be sent by a remote backend that is hosted on a server that all your Ionic app users access via an API that is called in Ionic.

Thanks for the response. There aren’t another way to achieve that then?

None that don’t give your email credentials to all users of the app.