Sending Form data through Mail

I want to create a ionic 2 project where i need to send my form data to the Gmail. This task should be done with out using any third party API’s such as MailGun or Someother. Kindly help me out with this approach

What exactly do you want to do? Gmail is a hosted email provider from Google. You get email there by… sending email to a Gmail address.

I want to send a User’s data such as name,Address, and phone number to the Gmail. And that should be developed in Ionic 2 with out any third party API’s such as MailGun

What is “the Gmail”?

Actually Building the Application to Book a hotel of a particular user. So i want to send his details to Mail of a admin (Gmail of Admin) to notify particular user has booked the Hotel.

Ok so you are building an Ionic application that will allow users to book a hotel room, correct?
And if he did so, you want to send an email to some Admin so he is notified that the user has booked the hotel, correct?

If so, this “booking” should technically happen on a backend service, not in the Ionic app itself. The IOnic app will communicate with this backend service. Then this backend service will send an email. Every programming language has a function to send an email to specific email addresses.

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Yeah, Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Can you kindly guide me how to implement mailing service in the Background? Can you please provide me some resource so that it would more helpful for me to implement


Google “php send mail” for example. Or “python send mail”. Or …

Ok. Thank you. But i should have a server to keep that PHP file right? How can i send(POST) my app parameters to PHP file?

Please don’t just post any thought that comes into your head here. Use google or search the forum. There are millions of posts on this.

Okay. Thanks for the valuable reply