How can I run Ionic V1 app in V3 envirinment?


I already have an app which was created using ionic V1. It is a very huge app so difficult to migrate easily.

But from now onwards I do not want to develop the app using V1.

So, I am thinking if it is possible to run the V1 app in V3 environment for time being till the complete migration is done.

If possible please provide your inputs.

Thanks in advance.


You already asked a similar question here Can I use Ionic V3 component in Ionic V1?

Is this a different question?


Yes, the previous one was different with this one. Is there a way to run v1 app in v3 environment.


Can you expand in what you mean by “v3 environment” ?
My ionic tools are all updated to the latest versions. I’m using them to compile/deploy a v1 app in addition to a v2+ app. It works fine.

The latest ‘app scripts’ work on both v1 and v2+ projects


Existing application code written using ionic V1 and run using Ionic v1 library

For the new requirement, i want to write new components or modules using ionic V3 and want to include the new component/module in the existing app.

So, the app has both V1 javascript and V3 typescript code. I want to build and run the app using Ionic V3.



I thought so, in which case your question is the same as the old one and it was answered.

  1. There isn’t any way to just start plugging in V3 components into a V1 app today. The ionic team published a migration guide that tells you, essentially how you’d port over a V1 app to V2+ structure. It doesn’t offer a way to use them both at the same time (which was what was the response to your old thread)

  2. You go the bleeding edge way that @SigmundFroyd said with V4 and down the web components way and discover what works/doesn’t work


Thanks for you help.