Native View Transition Animations

It is possible to intercept the android hardware back button too so it should be possible to trigger the same back information.

I think it will be hard to create a solution that works for all cases with very little code modification but it certainly seems that quite a number of them could be covered.

I would propose it makes sense to focus on globally catching the obvious situations of

list view to > detail view
detail view < list view

Anything else, such as moving from a form submission, running a search, hitting a button etc should likely be left to be handled explicitly because the direction, animation type, filters or expected interaction is most likely to differ in most application types.

So to move that forward that would be:

  • list view > detail view
  • detail view < list view (swipe)
  • detail view < list view (hardware back button)
  • detail view < list view (software / top back button)

I would propose those are the main targets initially.