How build first webview app with Ionic6 + Capacitor?

I couldn’t find a good documentation. please guide me.
I followed this:

$ npm uninstall -g ionic
$ npm install -g @ionic/cli
$ ionic start myapp tabs --type=angular --capacitor
$ ionic capacitor add (i did for both ios and android)

now Are the above steps correct?
After this, which capacitor plug should I install?
Then how can I run a website as Webview?

Documentation for an Angular app is here - Ionic Angular Overview | Angular Version Support and Tooling

My problem is using this code.

import { Capacitor } from '@capacitor/core';


When I add it to app.module.ts I get an error. => ‘Capacitor’ is declared but its value is never read

The question and problem is quite clear. I request all of you to send me a simple example. I am a beginner in this.

You are missing detailed information for anyone to help you properly. No one is going to go back and forth with questions trying to help you solve your problem. It’s a waste of time.

Let us help you by you helping us understand, if that makes sense.

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