Hide tabs for filter page


Hey guys,

I experiment with ionic since a few weeks now. Most of the questions can be answered by google, the ionic docs or codepen, but there is a small thing I get not working. Let me explain with a concrete example to keep it simple.

I use ion-tabs to build the main navigation. First tab is ‘Users’ where I get a list of all the users. Inside the tab content I want a “Filter” button, which redirects you to a page where you can set your filters. It’s easy to handle so far but lets go to the tricky thing:

If I click on the filter button I want a slide-up transition to the filter page without the tab bar. The header bar should be there, only hide the tab bar and make a slide-up transition.

I think the best example for my use case is code pen http://codepen.io/ionic/pen/odqCz. If you click on ‘Scientific Facts’ it will do a left-right slide to the next page. If someone knows how I’m able to change this codepen to hide the tab bar after clicking ‘Scientific Facts’ it would help me a lot. I think the other things I get done with google.

I tried to use an additonal state without tab as parent element but if I do so, the transition breaks with the following error:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘scrollTo’ of null

Version Information:
Ionic master
Angular 1.3.*