Ionic framework hide ion-tabs on certain tab state

I’ve been trying to find a solution but I can’t find any. I’ll use basic examples so anyone who knows ionic can understand my problem well.

ionic start myApp tabs will create a new project with tabs ready to go.

Those tabs are Dashboard, Chat and Settings. When you go to the Chat Tab you will then select a person to view its chat content (which directs you to the Chat-Detail Page in actuallity) I wanted to hide the ion-tabs directive when I go to the chat-detail page so I can force the user to use the Back button instead of clicking anything on the ion-tabs.

Why don’t you make chat-detail state child of abstract state that doesn’t contain tabs?

so you will have

  • App. (abstract)
  • App.Tabs (abstract with tabs. template)
  • App.Tabs.Dashboard
  • App.Tabs.Chat
  • App.Tabs.Settings
    - App.Chat-Detail

But then I will lose the sliding transition when switching tabs, and the back button on the title bar

  1. I don’t think you will lose transition
  2. You can always implement your own back button using $ionicHistory

You can always simply hide tabs with css…