Help me get started?

I am an old-school web designer/developer and am just getting my feet wet in app development with Ionic.

I’ve used the CLI to set up a clean version of the Super App. When I open the source files I am completely lost with creating and linking new pages. It’s going right over my head.

If anyone can give me an easy-to-understand explanation on how/where to add my own pages I would be highly appreciative.

The first link I need to change is the SKIP button on the intro slider. It currently goes to the login page. I would rather it go to a page I’ve created called “home”. How can I link this to a page I’ve created called home.html in the home folder under pages?

I feel like if I just get an idea of how to think about this I will have it licked. Just can’t seem to get over this first hump.

As the docs says, you are able to navigate to differents pages with push/pop.
Also, see the docs on how to change the rootPage, which is the page that the user would see when the app start, just like this example.

How? you just have to run the following command: ionic generate page and Ionic would ask you the name of the new page and add it autommatically to your project, however, if you are not using some text editors like visual studio code, you have to add that new page you’ve just create to your app.module.ts.