Ionic 3. Correctly add new pages to the project


Hi all ! Could anyone suggest please, how сorrectly add new pages in project with out errors ?

I run ionic g page about , import page to app.modules.ts but see errors … app dose not build …


Hi! Could you elaborate a bit?


I’m not a big fan of the generators. Your starter project probably has a page or two; just mimic how they are laid out.


JoseMendes,rapropos, good day ! I mean how now I need import new page in my current progect ? before I have three files, after update to Ionic3 I have four files …


You have to decide whether you want to use the lazy loading. If you’re not sure, I recommend no. Delete the [page].module.ts file, remove the @IonicPage decorator from your page, include it in the declarations and entryComponents of your app module, and refer to it by its class name when interacting with the navigation system.


rapropos, it is working, thanks !