Help me decide stack for this app

I am creating an Ionic app for Sales Representatives.
This specific company wants to track real-time sales done by sales reps.
These sales reps will have email-password auth. They will be able to see their own data only.
Couple of admins will be able to see every order.

This kind of has basic scope and max users will be below 40.
So for I am thinking to go with Firebase. I also considered CouchDB/pouchDB combo but I was confused how to do Auth with that. App should work Offline.

So my question,
Should I go with FireBase? I don’t want to exceed their free plan. Or do everything from scratch in MEAN stack?


imho the firebase will be easier/better in this situation then mean

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We’re big fans of firebase here at ionic, and personally I wouldn’t want to use anything else. Honestly for the price, you’re not worrying about your building your backend so much, but just building your app.

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Yeah, I am thinking Firebase is the best choice. Thanks @mhartington @bobrov1989

Sorry to resurrect a dead post. But in his requirements list he says the app needs to work offline.

As I understand the offline mode for firebase with mobile (android/ios) applications isn’t available yet.

This is based on a question I asked at the firebase-angular google group just a bit earlier yesterday.


Am I missing something?


Knowing how companies really work and the device is being used internally might mean that you can have a non public authentication and while online for example an initial download of a user table including passwords maybe hashed is a fair way to go.
You might just need to identify rather than authenticate…

Consider that in companies passwords end up getting shared and sometimes a whole sales team ends up using the one account they know works and lets them in.