HELP Ionic push | no error but no push notifications as well


I am sending targeted push notifications using device tokens via ionic push.

From the response I can see that there are no errors
eg : Ionic Push Response : {“result”:“queued”,“message_id”:“f44ded20d83b11e5af0582b347de1dbc”}

When I track the message status, ionic push says that it sent it just fine but I never recieve it on the actual device.

I have verified that the device tokens are correct. I am also able to send push notification to the same device using the “One-time Notification” from

Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong.


Have you made sure the ios certificates/provisioning profiles are all up to scratch and setup? If you’re sending it to android, the GCM needs to be setup with the correct project number too.

before testing on an actual device, be sure that all your tests are successful and working during debug mode. If it’s not then you’ve made a hiccup with your coding somewhere.

remember to set debug to false when sending notifications to devices.

Thanks for the response.

Yes I have verified that my local tests are working.

Also when I test it via it is working. Its just that when I am sending it from my backend component, it doesn’t send any notifications.