Ionic Push Not working even after getting success from backend

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I am unable to receive push notifications on my frontend.

Ionic Push has its own backend on where you can send pushes. So better first try it with this.

In the beginning in the local browser and with Dev-Pushes (faked using polling in the client), then Dev-Pushes on an emulator and device, and only if all this works you switch Dev-Pushes off and try to do real pushes via GCM etc.

First things first Ionic’s own back-end and documentation around it is crappy. Forums are the places I expect to get least help. I got it working only after I read their file push.js. There’s a field called app_id which needs to be mentioned in their docs and it has the least mention . app_id is important as it’s a part of their constructor and should have been mentioned, as part of my effort I have given my edits to the documents and waiting for notification from them. I would also like to post my working code here and give some links like these. Which would help people to debug their application. I would like to help the community in any way possible. Dev pushes I would feel are a crappy way to test. First as nobody is going to use them actually, it’s just to get the gears going. Second they don’t work. At least not for me. I did everything by the book. Didn’t work on my system, if anybody got it, good for them.

Well, then obviously good for me - because for me it all works by just following the documentation, using dev pushes to make sure everything is setup correctly and then switching to live pushes and instantly working.

Good luck!

Are you all creating your “push” notifications using the Ionic dashboard, or are you firing “notifications” from external processes? I need to send them from a backend service to the specific registered device to receive that notification. Any pointers?

This is what you are looking for: