Help! Creating an app

I’m new to Ionic and am in desperate need of help. I need to create a simple app (with the tabs template) that enables users to view their timetable on the home screen with options available to them to modify this timetable on the other tabs. If anyone could help me code this app it would be much appreciated!

Sorry but this is wrong attitude. Nobody will just help you code your app for you. People can help you with specific parts of the learning process only if you put some effort in trying to do it yourself first.

I have been trying and failing to start coding for about a week now, but I keep having recurring problems with my SDK manager for some reason and I can’t seem to fix it. I’m currently trying to download the appropriate packages on Android studio but I’m being told I don’t have enough space. You must understand that this has been quite frustrating to me. Again, any help would be hugely appreciated

Not to gang up on you so to speak, but I really do recommend you take your time getting the environment working properly before you try making your own thing.

If you have run out of disk space, you need to sort this out for many reasons, not just Ionic/Cordova development. Regardless of whether it’s been frustrating or not, you need to sort this out.

As for coding your actual project, you really need to go in to exceptional detail if you expect a stranger on the internet to do it for free.

Again, sorry if it seems harsh, but you need to put more effort in on your side, if this happens I’m sure plenty of people will be willing to offer input.

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  1. Do you have any experience with Javascript/Angular?
  2. Are you on windows or mac/linux?
  3. Do you have any experience using CLI?

I have limited experience with JS and nothing with Angular unfortunately, working on a Windows computers. Was working with CLI yesterday, my original commands were fine but when I went to build/run/emulate my app it wouldn’t work and I could not figure out why.

What do you mean when you say my app wouldn’t work? it can mean million of different things. What was the error in CLI?

Thanks for your feedback. And I know I need to be much more detailed when describing the work I need done but I needed to get my idea out to the forum generically at first to see would anyone be interested.

I went through what I thought I needed to download over the past week but I seem to be missing a few packages. What exactly do I need to build an android app on a windows PC? I have node.js already!

Have you followed this guide?

and this one for Android

That’s what you need.