Hello World: Your First Ionic Framework App


In almost every case of learning a new programming language or framework, the first thing you learn to create is the “hello world” application. This app is the most basic app you can make and is your starting point for bigger and better things.

In this article we’ll create the “Hello World” Ionic App, with a couple different variations to get started towards your first Ionic App.


Great tutorial! your blog helps a lot, one idea for a tutorial would be about building an app using http post sending post variables to a PHP script.


Thanks for the feedback!

I would say a good starting point for understanding communicating with a backend would be my post on using factories:

As for using post, it would be more or less the same as the above code samples, except using $http.post instead of get, and passing in the parameters as the second parameter.

$http.post('/someUrl', {msg:'hello word!'}).then(function(){