Learn Ionic Framework - Creating your first Ionic App step by step guide

:wave:t4: Hey everyone! I created a new Getting Started with Ionic Framework tutorial where you can learn the core concepts of Ionic while building a real mobile app.

In this Ionic tutorial I explain how to build an example app with a question and answer format (Q&A), similar to StackOverflow. We will go through the core concepts of an Ionic App such as Project Structure, Navigation, UI/UX and Data Integration with a remote API. You will learn how to build an Ionic 5 App from scratch and how all the pieces work together.

Includes a free ionic starter app! :rocket:
Hope you find it useful and would love to hear your feedback.

These are some screenshots of the free starter app we built for this tutorial and that you can download and reuse to build your own project. It is connected with a nestJS backend and a mongoDB.

Try the demo!