Header problem in a cordova application


I’have the same problem describe at https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/932 (https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/57374/2597008/fb174690-baad-11e3-80aa-c88985210bcb.gif) on ios7 for a cordova app but without Ionic (when i started my project does not know this framework :frowning: )

So i’ve tried to fix my body scrolling on keyboard focused with a cordova keyboard plugin, to shrink my webview before keyboard show. Tried to change ios code of plugin but not found how you successfully fix. I keep to have my header going out when i focus a field that will be in the keyboard area.

So i’ve tried to add a footer padding to make the view scrollable and on focus in i move the field out of the scroll area. But with this solution i keep have sometime the body scroll. Seems to be when i tap a quick moment.

I’ve also tried to not shrink the view with the same relative success.

Finally i’ve tried some css changes on my header, position fixed, sticky … without results

Also try playing with viewport but again no better results

Please could you explain me how you fix it on ionic or can you help me to fix it on my project.

Thanks in advance