Header height doubling with latest version of Ionic (when sending to adobe build)

Hey guys,

I just created a new project using “$ ionic start myApp.” My issue is that when I package zip and send it to adobe build, it shows up as having a double header on my phone. It turns out okay in my web browser, but there is something going on when it’s transferred to my phone as an app. Any ideas?

What device is that and iOS version?

Also, what does your config.xml look like?

I haven’t ever used PhoneGap build. Do they automatically install the device plugin, or do you need to specifically tell them to?

I just filed an Ionic bug report, but it looks like your build target is iOS6, so it may not apply.

Make sure you’re including the device and statusbar plugins as features in your config.xml file before you push to Adobe Build (see the latest Phonegap docs to see how to add the feature plugins, since it’s changed recently between 3.3 and 3.4).

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