Odd looking header

Hello! I just managed to get my Cordova app onto my phone, and it works.

However, the header is looking odd. Does anyone have an idea why?

Is this generated from the the Ionic cli? What plugins do you have installed?

I just used the seed application.

Here is the code of the page:

<ion-view title="'Køleskab'">
    <ion-content has-header="true" has-tabs="true">

        <ion-item ng-repeat="ingredient in ingredients">
            {{ ingredient.name }}
            <span class="badge badge-assertive">{{ ingredient.amount }} {{ ingredient.unit }}</span>


That’s because there’s a bug in Ionic when you hide the status bar id doesn’t resize the header. There are a few other topics about this.

Hey @jough, mind making an issue on GitHub about that?

Done. https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/771

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Thank you very much, sir!